Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smart Tip Jar Enables Pole Dance Bot to Act as Tipped Stripper

The newly released Restless Studio Smart Tip Jar integrates with the Restless Studio Smart Dance Pole accepting tips, triggering a pole dancing Pandorabot to strip, emote, change outfits, and interact with your visitors. Using an integrated Smart Dance Pole and Smart Tip Jar allows you to maintain an artificially intelligent pole dancing bot avatar who accepts tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round without monthly fees or hourly charges. The Smart Tip Jar can automatically trigger your dance pole bot avatar to get naked when a tip threshold is reached and get dressed after a specified duration.

The Smart Tip Jar is designed to be used by a bot logged in via METAbolt and utilizing the Smart Dance Pole but can be used as a normal tip jar as well. The tip jar is a sculpted single prim with a gothic design and glossy glass texture. The tip jar object has No Copy / Modify / Transfer permissions to allow the owner to resize, retexture, configure, and give the Smart Tip Jar as a gift.

Both the Restless Studio Smart Tip Jar and the Restless Studio Smart Dance Pole are available on the Second Life Marketplace as follows:
The Restless Studio Smart Tip Jar Manual is freely available for download or viewing in PDF format.

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