Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Login Multiple Pandorabots with METAbolt

If you are using METAbolt to login more than one Pandorabot then you may find it convenient to create a DOS batch file allowing you to login multiple bots with a single click. To do so, follow this procedure:
  • Exit METAbolt if already logged in
  • Start METAbolt - enter your avatar's first and last name
  • Enter the password
  • Check the "Remember my password" option box
  • Check the "Create av BAT file" option box
  • Click on the login button
This will create a BAT file with the name of your avatar in the "Roaming" folder. To find the location of your Roaming folder:
  • Click on the "Help" menu on the top right hand corner of METAbolt
  • Select the "About METAbolt" menu option
  • "Data Dir" is the location of your Roaming folder
If your bot's name is Jane Doe then the BAT file will be called Jane_Doe.bat, the INI file will be called Jane_Doe_METAbolt.ini.

Repeat the above procedure for each of the bots you wish to login with METAbolt, creating a BAT file in the Roaming folder for each bot. After this is done you can create a master BAT file for all of your bots as follows:
  • Open Notepad from the Windows Start menu
  • Copy the contents of each of the BAT files in your Roaming folder into Notepad
  • In Notepad click  "File -> Save As" and save the file with an extension of ".bat" (e.g. by the name "Login_All.bat")
For example, a batch file to login two avatars named Anya Ordinary and Easy Islay with METAbolt might look something like: 

START "" /D "C:\Program Files\METAbolt (64 bit)\" "C:\Program Files\METAbolt (64 bit)\metabolt.exe" Anya Ordinary password1

START "" /D "C:\Program Files\METAbolt (64 bit)\" "C:\Program Files\METAbolt (64 bit)\metabolt.exe" Easy Islay password2
You can now create a Desktop shortcut for your METAbolt login master BAT file:
  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where your master BAT file was saved
  • Right click on the BAT file and select "Send to -> Desktop"
  • An icon for the shortcut to your BAT file will now appear on your desktop
Make sure all METAbolt bots are logged out and click on the newly created desktop icon for your BAT file shortcut. Your bots will all be logged in with METAbolt.

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