Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Setup a Pole Dance Bot with the Newly Released Smart Dance Pole

I recently modified the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On and integrated it into a dance pole I created. I released this as the Restless Studio Smart Dance Pole, available on the Second Life Marketplace. Using the smart dance pole you can easily setup a pole dance bot.

Setup steps are detailed in the Restless Studio Dance Pole Manual. To setup your Restless Studio Smart Dance Pole for use with a METAbolt avatar:
  1. Create a Second Life account with Scripted Agent Status set to bot 
  2. Install METAbolt on a Windows computer and enable Auto Sit 
  3. Drag the Restless Studio Smart Dance Pole from your inventory to the desired location 
  4. Right click the pole and select "Edit"; Click the "Contents" tab of the edit window
  5. Edit the Configuration notecard and set FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME 
  6. Drag desired animations from your inventory into the dance pole Contents 
  7. Set the "Description" field of the dance pole to your dance bot avatar's Key 
  8. Place your dance pole bot avatar within 10 meters of the pole 
  9. Login your dance pole bot with METAbolt
This allows you to have a dancer on her pole in your club 24/7. Since the smart dance pole is a Pandorabot, it can chat with your guests, query Wikipedia, send email, check spelling, greet new arrivals, deliver notecards and landmarks, and all the other features of a standard Pandorabot. All for L$395.

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