Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On Into Another Object

The Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On base prim is, by default, a box. The box disappears when the METAbolt logged in avatar bot sits on it and reappears when the avatar logs out. What if you want that base prim to remain visible and you want it to be something other than a boring box ? Maybe you want it to be a drum kit for your bot drummer or a bar for your bot bartender. Here's how to do that.

First, get the latest Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On from the Second Life Marketplace or by exchanging your current base prim for the latest. Follow the setup procedure described in the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On Manual but add these two settings to the METAbolt_Config notecard:
Set TEXT_ENABLED = FALSE in the Configuration notecard.

That's it, you can move the scripts and notecards into any object that has Modify permission. I've even had success moving the scripts into already scripted objects although of course this can be problematic if the existing scripts have channel or other conflicts with the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On scripts.

When moving the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On to another object it may be necessary to adjust the sit target. This is a vector consisting of 3 offsets from the base prim - left/right, forward/back, and up/down. The sit target can be specified in the METAbolt_Config notecard with the TARGET setting. For instance, a sit target for a thin vertical object where you want the avatar at the bottom of the object might be:
TARGET = <0.0,0.0,-0.6>
A drum bot might need a sit target toward the rear of the object:
TARGET = <0.0,-0.5,0.2>

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