Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fix for Actorbot/METAbolt Custom Greeting

There is a bug in the Pandorabot's greeter script which prevents the owner from configuring the default greeting for Actorbot and METAbolt Pandorabots. Here is the problem and a workaround.

The default Pandorabot greeting is specified by four strings labelled GREET_1, GREET_2, GREET_3, and GREET_4. The default greeting for a standalone Pandorabot uses GREET_1 and GREET_2 as follows:

"Hello <name of avatar>! Chat with me in local chat. Visit the Pandorabots Blog at http://pandorabot.blogspot.com/"

If the Pandorabot is running as an Actorbot then the following is added  to the default greeting (GREET_3):

"IM me with the message 'Help' for commands."

If the Pandorabot is running as an Actorbot or with METAbolt then the following is added to the default greeting (GREET_4):

"Say 'menu' in local chat for dialog menu of commands."

Should you wish to change the default greeting then each of these strings can be specified by editing the Greeter_Config notecard. Unfortunately, a bug in the Greeter script prevents the GREET_4 string from being specified in the Greeter_Config notecard. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround and a fixed Greeter script will be in the next update.

The workaround for specifying a custom GREET_4 string is to edit the Greeter script itself rather than the Greeter_Config notecard. Near the beginning of the Greeter script are the following lines:

// The greeting will be 'GREET_1 <name of avatar>! GREET_2'
// If running as an Actorbot, greeting will also include 'GREET_3'
// If running as an Actorbot or METAbolt, greeting will also include 'GREET_4'
string GREET_1 = "Hello";
string GREET_2 = "Chat with me in local chat. Visit the Pandorabots Blog at http://pandorabot.blogspot.com/";
string GREET_3 = "IM me with the message 'Help' for commands.";
string GREET_4 = "Say 'menu' in local chat for dialog menu of commands.";

Simple change the string "Say 'menu' in local chat for dialog menu of commands." to whatever you like. The same can be done for the other strings but only GREET_4 needs to be changed here and not in the configuration notecard.

Should you prefer, I can send you a pre-release copy of the fixed Greeter script which will allow you to make all greeter configuration changes to the Greeter_Config notecard rather than editing the script itself. IM Missy Restless with your request.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sine Wave Local Client is Windows Only

It has come to my attention that the Sine Wave local desktop client used to login/logout their Actorbot scripted agent is now only supported on Windows desktops. There is no version for the Mac.

This leaves Mac users with only three alternatives:
  1. Run their Actorbot(s) via Sine Wave servers at $L5/hour/bot
  2. Attempt to run the Windows client under Boot Camp on a Mac
  3. Buy a PC ! :)
Unfortunately, the METAbolt desktop client is also Windows only. So, tough luck Mac users.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yahoo! Spelling Suggestion Service Fixed

Some of you may have noticed that the Pandorabot spell check function was not working properly. No suggestions were being provided by the Pandorabot. This is because Yahoo! changed their Spelling Suggestion API to require an application ID.

Fortunately, this was fairly easy to fix and the required changes could be made on the server side in the PHP code used to access Yahoo!. The service has been fixed and all Pandorabots should now be providing spell checking services inworld.

To test your Pandorabot, simply chat in local "spell madnna" or any word you want spelling suggestions for rather than madnna. The example "spell madnna" should return the spelling suggestion "madonna". Note, if you have configured your Pandorabot to chat on a private channel then you will need to precede the test with the channel number (for example, "/55 spell madnna").

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

METAbolt Upgrade Supports Physics Layer

A newly updated METAbolt client is available for download. The new version, released May 30, includes support for the new physics layer. Linden Lab recently added the physics layer which allows avatars to configure parameters that control breast, stomach, and butt bouncing. Prior to this release, avatars logged into Second Life with METAbolt could not wear the physics layer.

Here is the notice from the METAbolt forum:

This is a major upgrade and may require you to remove the version you have and then install this one...that is only if you experience issues after the upgrade.

What's new and what's changed?

[ Features ]

* New feature to upload images under the Tools menu option
* The new "body physics" layer is now supported
* New META3D feaure to view and intereact with objects in 3D via the "View 3D" button on the Object Manager window
* You are also to view and interact with attachments/huds via the attachments icon, in 3D.

[ Enhacements ]

* Files can now be attached to Group Notices
* Upgraded to the latest version of libomv
* Inventory folders are now displayed in alphabetical order by default

[ Fixes ]

* Return button in Object Manager was not checking for land owner and was disabled all the time
* Minor bug fixes in Inventory