Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Enable the METAbolt LSL API for Outfit Changes

Quick & Easy Summary
To enable Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On dialog menu outfit changes, set your METAbolt preferences to disable LSL command security and autorun the LSL API plugin.

Recently the METAbolt LSL API was moved from the METAbolt core to a plugin. In addition, preferences were added to allow METAbolt users to restrict the LSL API use to the owner and/or a scripted object. These changes, although arguably beneficial for METAbolt architecture and security, broke the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On dialog menu commands for outfit changes.

If you are not using outfit folder changes via the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On dialog menu interface then you do not need to make any changes.

In order to re-enable outfit changes in METAbolt and later you will need to make the following changes to your METAbolt preferences (Application -> Preferences).

Enforcing LSL Command Security
The easiest way to enable dialog menu outfit folder changes is to disable LSL command security. This can be done in the Application -> Preferences -> General -> Security/L$ METAbolt preferences pane by unchecking the "Enforce LSL command security" checkbox. See the section "Enhanced LSL API Security" below for an alternate, more secure, and somewhat difficult way to enable outfit folder changes via the dialog menu.

Loading the METAbolt LSL API Plugin
In addition to disabling LSL command security (or using enhanced LSL API security) you will also need to load the LSL API Plugin. To load the plugin automatically on each startup of METAbolt, go to the Application -> Preferences -> Plugins METAbolt preferences pane. In the "Available plugins" window, click on "MB_LSLAPI" then click the ">" button to add it to "Selected plugins". Click "Apply" and "OK". Alternately, the plugin can be loaded manually by clicking "Plugins -> MB_LSLAPI".

Individual Avatar Preferences
Each avatar you login with METAbolt has their own individual preference settings. The preference settings described above (disable LSL command security and autorun the LSL API plugin) must be done for each avatar. To do so, login as an avatar and make these changes to your preferences. Repeat for each METAbolt avatar you use for which you would like to enable outfit folder changes via the dialog menu.

Enhanced LSL API Security
Additional LSL API security is available with the "Enforce LSL command security" checkbox in the METAbolt preferences via the Application -> Preferences -> General -> Security/L$ checkbox. To enable outfit folder changes via the dialog menu _and_ enforce LSL command security you need to set the Master Avatar and Object UUID's. To find the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On base prim UUID you will need some elementary LSL script skills. Create an LSL script with the default state entry as follows: 

state_entry() { 
        llOwnerSay("Owner UUID is " + (string)llGetOwner());
        llOwnerSay("Object UUID is " + (string)llGetKey()); 

Drop the script into the base prim Contents. Copy the base prim owner's UUID to the "Avatar UUID" setting. Copy the object UUID string to the "Object UUID" setting. Delete the script from the base prim Contents. Make sure the "Enforce LSL command security" box is checked then click "Apply" and "OK". Repeat for each avatar for which you wish to enable enhanced LSL API security.

METAbolt LSL API Documentation
METAbolt maintains an excellent website with News, Announcements, Downloads, an Add-On/Plugin Directory, a Community Forum, and the METAwiki which provides extensive documentation & tips. The following METAwiki pages provide information on the LSL API:

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