Wednesday, June 1, 2011

METAbolt Upgrade Supports Physics Layer

A newly updated METAbolt client is available for download. The new version, released May 30, includes support for the new physics layer. Linden Lab recently added the physics layer which allows avatars to configure parameters that control breast, stomach, and butt bouncing. Prior to this release, avatars logged into Second Life with METAbolt could not wear the physics layer.

Here is the notice from the METAbolt forum:

This is a major upgrade and may require you to remove the version you have and then install this one...that is only if you experience issues after the upgrade.

What's new and what's changed?

[ Features ]

* New feature to upload images under the Tools menu option
* The new "body physics" layer is now supported
* New META3D feaure to view and intereact with objects in 3D via the "View 3D" button on the Object Manager window
* You are also to view and interact with attachments/huds via the attachments icon, in 3D.

[ Enhacements ]

* Files can now be attached to Group Notices
* Upgraded to the latest version of libomv
* Inventory folders are now displayed in alphabetical order by default

[ Fixes ]

* Return button in Object Manager was not checking for land owner and was disabled all the time
* Minor bug fixes in Inventory

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  1. I'm wearing my physics layer right now if you want to visit me at . Occasionally my boobs bounce out of my bikini! I gotta get Missy to adjust me so that doesn't happen so often :)