Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yahoo! Spelling Suggestion Service Fixed

Some of you may have noticed that the Pandorabot spell check function was not working properly. No suggestions were being provided by the Pandorabot. This is because Yahoo! changed their Spelling Suggestion API to require an application ID.

Fortunately, this was fairly easy to fix and the required changes could be made on the server side in the PHP code used to access Yahoo!. The service has been fixed and all Pandorabots should now be providing spell checking services inworld.

To test your Pandorabot, simply chat in local "spell madnna" or any word you want spelling suggestions for rather than madnna. The example "spell madnna" should return the spelling suggestion "madonna". Note, if you have configured your Pandorabot to chat on a private channel then you will need to precede the test with the channel number (for example, "/55 spell madnna").

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