Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Changing A Pandorabot's Look

Pandorabots are available in a wide variety of preconfigured appearances. These include a female in business attire, male, female club go-er, parrot, bear, rotating head, and 3D sculpted parrot (wearable or perched). Most include a dialog menu option allowing the owner to easily and quickly select one of the preconfigured Pandorabot appearances. Simply click your active Pandorabot and select "Gender" from the dialog menu. You can always return to the factory default (plus any Configuration notecard changes you have made) by either clicking "Reset" in the dialog menu or "Tools -> Reset scripts in selection" from the viewer menu.

It is also possible to add custom textures to the Pandorabot. Create the texture you wish to use, drop it in your Pandorabot object's Contents, and add a line to the top of the Configuration notecard:
    TEXTURE = name_of_your_texture

When changing the default Pandorabot texture you may also wish to change the default Pandorabot name to suit your new texture. To do so, edit the Configuration notecard adding lines at the top:
    FIRST_NAME = Your_New_Pandorabot_First_Name
    LAST_NAME = Your_New_Pandorabot_Last_Name

If you are using Pandorabot V3 or later you may also wish to change the default voice. To do so, edit the Configuration notecard:
    VOICE = male
    VOICE = female
    VOICE = none

Finally, it is possible to move the Pandorabot's contents to any object for which you have modify rights. Edit the Pandorabot, open the Contents tab, select all of the contents items, drag them to a folder, and close the edit window. Edit your modifiable object, open the Contents tab, select all of the Pandorabot files you dragged to a folder, drag them to your new object's contents, and close the edit window. Note, your original Pandorabot will no longer function. You can restore it by reversing this process and dragging the files back to the original Pandorabot.

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