Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Custom Notecard and Landmark

Pandorabots V2 and later come preconfigured to give a notecard, landmark, and the Pandorabot User Guide when touched by a non-owner. By default, the notecard and landmark describe Pandorabots and provide a landmark to the Restless Studio demonstration pandorabot.

You may prefer to configure your Pandorabot to give a notecard and landmark more suitable for your needs. To do so, edit the Pandorabot and add your custom notecard and landmark to the Pandorabot's contents. You can delete the Restless Studio notecard and landmark if you wish but it is not necessary. Only the first notecard and landmark in the Pandorabot's contents are delivered.

Therefore, make sure your notecard and landmark are named so they appear first in alphabetical order within the Pandorabot contents.

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