Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Change the Pandorabot Greeting

The Pandorabot is configured by default to greet new arrivals within 25 meters with a message:
    "Hello <avatar name>!
     Touch me for information and chat with me in local chat."
To change the greeting text or range edit the Configuration notecard and change the settings for the variables GREET_1, GREET_2, and RANGE. These can be found right after the opening comments.

The greeting will be 'GREET_1<name of avatar>GREET_2'. A "\n" can be used for a new line. Care should be taken when increasing the range. The maximum range is 96 meters but, depending on where you place your Pandorabot, a large greeting range might cause your Pandorabot to greet arrivals on your neighbors parcel :(

After editing the greeting text and/or range, save the script back to the Pandorabot's contents. Prior to closing the editing session, select "Tools -> Reset scripts in selection" from your viewer's menu.

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