Monday, January 3, 2011

Pandorabot V5 Upgrade Instructions

If you own a Pandorabot V4 or earlier and want to freely upgrade to Pandorabot V5 you can do so by following these steps:
  • Copy any changes you have made to configuration notecards
  • Copy/Move any items you have added to the Pandorabot (e.g. landmarks, notecards, textures, ...)
  • Take the Pandorabot back into your inventory (right click the Pandorabot and select "Take")
  • IM Missy Restless (search for "Missy Restless", click on the "Missy Restless" search result, click on "View Full Profile", click "Instant Message")
  • Drag and drop the Pandorabot item from your inventory onto the Instant Message window
You should receive the Pandorabot V5 as soon as I receive notice of the IM transfer. When you receive the Pandorabot V5 box, rez it, open the box, copy the contents to your inventory, and rez the Pandorabot V5. You will need to re-do any changes you made to your previous Pandorabot (use the saved configuration notecards as reference). Note: I may be away from my computer so allow me a day or so and if you do not hear from me drop me a reminder.

Note also that owners of the Pandorabot Actorbot Add-On and Add-On Lite can use the same process to upgrade to V5.


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