Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Create a 3D Sculpted Pandorabot

If you own one of the 2D Pandorabots you can easily transform it into a 3D Pandorabot using a sculpted prim. Sculpted prims can give the appearance of a 3D avatar. All that is required is to move the scripts, notecards, and landmarks from your 2D Pandorabot into the contents of a 3D sculpted prim. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you.

First, find or create a 3D sculpted prim you want to use as a Pandorabot. It doesn't have to be a single prim, it can be as elaborate as you like or just a single prim. You must have modify permission on the sculpted prim. XD Fusion has a few free full perm 3D sculpted prims and some animated sculpted prims for sale. Any modifiable prim will do and it doesn't have to be a male/female human form. I run one Pandorabot as a spinning texture changing bunch of prims in a club setting.

Create a folder in your inventory where you will temporarily store the scripts, notecards, and landmark(s). Rez the 2D Pandorabot and edit it by right clicking and selecting "Edit". In the edit window click on "Contents". Select all the items in the contents by left clicking on the first one and shift left clicking on the last one. Left click and hold the mouse button down as you drag the items from the Pandorabot contents to the new folder you created. Release the mouse button. Your Pandorabot contents should be in the new folder. You can close the edit window and take the Pandorabot back into your inventory.

To make sure the Pandorabot does not attempt to apply a texture to itself, edit the Configuration notecard. Right click on the Configuration notecard in your new folder and select "Open". Add the following line to the top of the Configuration notecard:


Close the notecard editing window.

Rez the sculpted prim you want to use as a Pandorabot. Edit the prim and click on the Contents tab. Select the items from your new folder you wish to copy. You do not need to copy the textures. Drag and drop the items from your inventory into the Contents tab of the edit window. While still in edit mode, select "Tools -> Reset Scripts in Selection" from your viewer's menu bar. Close the reset window and close the edit window.

You should be running a 3D sculpted Pandorabot now!

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