Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make Your Pandorabot Less Chatty

Most Pandorabots come preconfigured to respond to all local chat. In an uncrowded area this usually does not present a problem. However, if your Pandorabot is within 20 meters of a crowded dance floor or group then responding to every public chat can be annoying. It's easy to configure your Pandorabot to respond only to local chat that contains either the Pandorabot's first or last name.

To configure a Pandorabot to respond to chat containing its name you can either edit the Configuration notecard or use the Configuration Dialog Menu. To edit the Configuration notecard right click on your Pandorabot and select "Edit". In the Contents tab right click on the Configuration notecard and select "Open". At the top of the Configuration notecard entries add the following:
You may also wish to name your Pandorabot here by adding lines like the following:
        FIRST_NAME = Jane
        LAST_NAME = Doe
Substitute whatever first and last names you want for "Jane" and "Doe". By default the last name of your Pandorabot is "Pandorabot" so you may only wish to set the first name.

To use the Configuration Dialog Menu left click your Pandorabot or say "configure" in local chat. This brings up a dialog menu. Click on "Name" and then click on "ON". This has the same effect as setting NAME_ENABLED = TRUE in the Configuration notecard except it will get set back to whatever is in the notecard when the Pandorabot is reset. So, editing the Configuration notecard is a more permanent way to configure the Pandorabot while using the dialog menu is quicker and easier.

Once you have enabled name recognition in the Pandorabot it will only respond to chat that contains its first or last name. For instance, to learn about Thomas Jefferson you would now need to say "Jane, who is Thomas Jefferson ?" (if your Pandorabot's first name is Jane).

It is frequently the case that your parcel may be crowded for events but sparsely populated the rest of the time. In these cases it may be appropriate to toggle your Pandorabot between responding to all local chat and only chat containing its name. To do so, simply left click the Pandorabot to bring up the Configuration Dialog Menu, click on "Name", then click on "ON" to turn name recognition on or "OFF" to return to responding to all local chat.

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