Thursday, December 9, 2010

Configure a Private Pandorabot

The Pandorabot V4 can be configured to wear as an invisible attachment listening on a private channel to only the owner. In this configuration a Pandorabot V4 owner can wander the grid easily, quickly, and privately accessing Pandorabot features such as Wikipedia queries, email, spellcheck, etc.

To configure your Pandorabot V4 as a private Pandorabot add the following lines to the top of the Configuration notecard:

        CHANNEL = 22

The CHANNEL setting can be any free positive channel, I am just using 22 as an example.

To communicate with the Private Pandorabot, wear the Pandorabot object in your inventory and preface any Pandorabot queries you wish to make with /22. For instance, to query Wikipedia for the introductory paragraph on Abraham Lincoln, type in Local Chat:
    /22 Who is Abraham Lincoln ?

To configure the Pandorabot say "/22 configure" in Local Chat. If you turn the Pandorabot off and wish to restart it then highlight invisible objects with Ctrl-Alt-T and left click the Pandorabot.

To change the channel or reset it to listen to all local chat, edit the Configuration notecard in the object's Contents. Commenting out or deleting the "CHANNEL = 22" line will reset the Pandorabot to listen to all local chat from any resident within chat range.

All Private Pandorabot queries and responses can only be seen by the owner. The private Pandorabot can, however, be reconfigured as a public Pandorabot by deleting the CHANNEL setting or setting CHANNEL = 0. It can also be reconfigured to be visible or take on the appearance of a female, male, rotating head, parrot ...

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