Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Make METAbolt based Pandorabots' Chat Appear to Come from the Alt Avatar

A new option in the METAbolt_Config notecard controls whether a METAbolt based Pandorabot's chat originates from the base prim or the alt avatar bot. Setting USE_LSL_SAY = TRUE in METAbolt_Config causes all chat from the bot to appear as if it is coming from the avatar thereby making it even more difficult for a guest to tell if he or she is chatting with a bot or a real person.

This uses METAbolt's LSL API and therefore only works if the MD5's METAbolt password is specified in the MD5SUM variable in METAbolt_Config. Find the METAbolt password in METAbolt preferences by clicking Application -> Preferences -> Security/L$. Copy the password and chat the following within 20 meters of your METAbolt based Pandorabot:
    /777 password=the-password-string-you-copied
The Pandorabot should then chat the MD5'd password. Copy the MD5 string, edit METAbolt_Config and set MD5SUM=the-md5-string-you-copied.

METAbolt based Pandorabots supporting this feature include:
Note, you must have the METAbolt LSL API plugin loaded for this to work. The METAbolt Wiki has instructions on auto-loading the LSL API plugin.

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