Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Setup Your Wolfram Alpha App ID

All recent Pandorabots can query Wolfram Alpha for factual answers and computational replies. This includes the Pandorabot METAbolt Add-On, Pandorabot Actorbot Add-On, Smart Dance Pole, Inner Spheres, and all Pandorabots. Wolfram Alpha provides what is arguably the largest most intelligent database of publicly accessible information in the world. Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia enabled Pandorabots are arguably the smartest scripted agents in the world.

However, your Pandorabot is initially configured to access Wolfram Alpha with a shared Application ID that is limited to 2000 queries per month and used by all other unconfigured Pandorabots. It's important to setup your Pandorabot with its own unique Wolfram Alpha AppID.

To configure your Pandorabot with a unique Wolfram Alpha AppID, signup for a Wolfram Alpha Application ID by visiting and click the "Sign up" button. Fill out the form with a valid email address, any name you wish, and a brief description of your Pandorabot. Check the terms of use agreement box and enter the password you wish to use and confirm your password. Click "Sign up" again.

You should now be signed in to the Wolfram Alpha Developer Portal and, on the My Apps tab. Click the "Get an AppID" button and fill out the "Get a New AppID" form. Use any Application name and description you like. Click the "Get AppID" button. Copy the APPID string and click "OK".

The APPID string you copied should be stored somewhere. This is the Wolfram Alpha AppID you will use in your Pandorabot. Edit the Pandorabot Configuration notecard by right clicking on the Pandorabot or base prim and selecting "Edit". Click on the Contents tab and right click on the Configuration notecard selecting "Open". Add the following line at the top of the notecard:
    ALPHA_APP_ID = the-appid-string-you-copied
Save the notecard and close the edit window.

To recap:
  • Visit and click "Sign up"
  • Fill out the form and click "Sign up"
  • Click "Get an AppID" and fill out the form
  • Click "Get AppID
  • Copy the APPID string and click "OK"
  • Edit the Configuration notecard and set ALPHA_APP_ID

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