Sunday, September 4, 2011

Voice and Actorbot Advanced Triggers

Pandorabots can be configured to speak in either a male or female computer generated voice. The Pandorabot will display what it says in local chat and, if configured for voice, speak the chat as well. It does this passably well. To configure your Pandorabot to speak, edit the Configuration notecard and add one of the following lines to the top of the card:

    VOICE = Female
    VOICE = Male

However, if the Pandorabot is an Actorbot Add-On and you use the Actorbot advanced settings at to program a trigger with a chat action then that chat will not be voiced. This is a known limitation of the Pandorabot Actorbot Add-On. Since the chat is generated by and not the Pandorabot scripts it does not pass through the speech capability of the Pandorabot scripts.

It's possible I will come up with an update that will allow programmatic Pandorabot speech via Actorbot settings at but for now speech is only supported via local chat in Second Life.

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