Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Disable the Pandorabot Greeter

A few Pandorabot owners have contacted me requesting assistance disabling the Greeter. By default, the Pandorabot runs a greeter script which welcomes new arrivals and delivers a notecard, landmark, and Pandorabot Users Guide. To disable this functionality simply edit the Configuration notecard in the Pandorabot contents and add a line at the beginning of the notecard as follows:


Save the notecard and the Pandorabot will reset and disable the Greeter script.

However, older versions of the Pandorabots may not properly disable the Greeter script after modifying the Configuration notecard as described above. If this is the case with your Pandorabot you can request an update (free) by IM'ing Missy Restless inworld or emailing Alternately, you can disable the Greeter function by simply deleting the Greeter script from the Pandorabot contents. Prior to deleting the script, copy it to your inventory in case you wish to re-enable the Greeter later.

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