Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update for METAbolt

A new version of METAbolt has been released. This is primarily a maintenance release with a few new features. See the forum post for details on changes and the download page for binaries and source code.

From the forum post:

[ Features ]

It's now possible to change profile picture by dragging and dropping image or texture on to it
Inventory items can be dragged and dropped onto the avatar profile photo as well as the give box at the bottom of the profile window

[ Ehancements ]

Checkboxes on Group Information window to list group on profile and disable group notices are now functional
Group roles can be created/deleted
Group roles can be assigned/unassigned to avatars
Chat/IM text is now in black instead of gray

[ Fixes ]

Logged in avatar was disappearing from radar
Object Manager was not updating if teleported while it's open
Land owner on About Land was not showing
META3D camera was not working
Land properties was not updating after a TP
The support email address on the Exception window was wrong
Worn Attachments and META3D windows were crashing if TPed while they are open

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